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Quote Requests
When requesting quotes we ask that you give us at least a couple of days to consider and plan the details of your project.

Even if your project seems simple, there are millions of combinations to manage when planning the frames, fabric applications, components and accessory choices across product lines. Custom parts may have to be created or outsourced. In many cases we have to consider a project or design we may need to research a bit further than usual and may need to discuss with artisans and suppliers before we can comfortably create a bid.

We understand that most estimates are needed quickly and in most cases we will have them back to you in a timely manner.

Not all upholstered furniture is created equally. Quality, American craftsmanship does not come cheap, unlike most furniture imports. We take pride in knowing that what is under the fabric of our pieces is only the best quality.

However, many people are often still under the impression that re-upholstery is an inexpensive alternative to buying a new piece of furniture. Unfortunately with the continuous flood of foreign imports and mass-produced items coming into the market each day this is often no longer the case. However, a lumpy old couch may be a treasure in disguise and in many cases the padding, foam, filler and springs in an upholstered piece may be of an inferior quality but the frame may be better than what you could find as a replacement.

We understand that price is often a factor when making purchasing decisions so we are here to help you make an informed decision. It's important for us to know that you fully understand your options before making a purchasing decision.

Pricing is subject to change without notice. Please confirm all pricing before submitting an order. All prices are F.O.B.

Once an order is received your project is tentatively put on our schedule but production does not begin until after we have received all fabrics and trim.

All projects require a 50% non-refundable deposit. If, for any reason a project is cancelled after the deposit has been received it is only transferable within 6 months.

Storage & Handling
Richman Upholstery does not store pieces for extended periods of time. Once a piece is received we expect the fabric to arrive with the piece or to follow shortly after. If a fabric is backordered or needs backing we ask that you wait to deliver your items until your fabric is ready to ship. Once an order is complete it must be shipped immediately or handling charges may apply.

Rush Service
A Rush charge of 25% may be applied when an order is due within 15 business days from the receipt of fabric.

Average Lead Times
We give realistic lead times that will ensure that we do not compromise on quality. Each piece of furniture is made just for you and production does not begin until your deposit, fabric and any trim is received. If you have selected a fabric that is delayed or backordered it is important that you and your clients know that this may push back your original intended due request date.

Custom re-upholstery orders normally have a delivery lead time of 4-6 weeks. Smaller projects such as platform seats, cushions or ottomans may only take 2-4 weeks depending on our work load.

Custom new construction orders normally have a delivery lead time of 8 - 12 weeks. In rare cases, a project with several items required at the same time or designs we are developing for the first time may take up to 14 weeks.

All outstanding balances are due immediately after a piece has left our shop.

Fabric Requirments
How well upholstered furniture will wear depends on the fiber, fabric, color application, finish, color fastness and dimensional stability. What looks good to the eye and feels good to the touch may not be the best choice for the intended use or often times a backing or finish is required. For these reasons we ask that a sample of all materials is approved by us before we can accept a project.

Chenille and Plush

All chenille or plush fabrics with ANY pile on the reverse side or having a loose weave requires a knit backing to prevent the fabric from rolling or stretching.  

Average hide sizes are required in order for us to give you the correct amounts needed because of all the various types of leather in use.

Pick-up & Delivery
All orders placed with Richman are FOB (Free On Board) or COP (Customers Own Pick-Up.) Richman Upholstery does not arrange for pick-ups or deliveries. Once any piece has left our shop we consider that piece approved and accepted. Immediately after pick-up the remaining balance is due. We recommend inspecting all pieces before you arrange for pick-ups. You are welcome to bring in clients to test sit as well as inspect all details before the order leaves the shop.

Pick-ups and deliveries may be scheduled from 9am-4:30pm.

Consumer Commitment
We always stand behind the pieces we manufacture. Most often, we are personally available to answer questions, make adjustments or inspect any problems.

We guarantee all Richman products to be free of all defects in materials and workmanship, for the original owner, for a period of ten years. Any item deemed
defective by Richman, under normal use conditions, will be repaired or replaced at Richman's discretion.


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