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  1. Should I buy new or re-upholster?
    When considering your options to repair and re-upholster your furniture versus fabricating new pieces we suggest you take a few things into consideration: First, consider if your pieces suit your current lifestyle and taste. Does it have any emotional or setimental value? Is it of any antique or vintage value or is it something you would like to hand down as an heirloom? Is it still comfortable? Finally do you know the quality and condition of the frame? Answering these questions should be a valuable guage in determining what service will best suit your needs.

    The cost of reupholstering may equal the cost of building new, but with either service you have freedom of choice and the reliability of a long-lasting product.
  2. How do I determine the quality of my furniture?
    When determining the quality of your upholstered pieces there are a few clues that we use as a guide when determining the condition of an older piece: First, How are the cushions looking? Do you have to fluff cushions more than you would like to? Are the cushions looking or feeling lumpy or hard? Do you feel the frame underneath the padding? Does anything squeek or make noise?
  3. Do we provide fabric?
    Yes, we can offer you tens of thousands of textile and leather choices available through a vast chain of sources and designers in colors, textures, styles and price ranges to suit your specific needs.
  4. How does your service compare to others?
    The differences between Richman furniture and mass produced pieces using cheap materials is the difference between a piece built to last for generations, or a piece that will degrade in just a few years. The quality of the fill products that go into a piece of furniture also determines how comfortable it will be and for how long. What you save in the short run could cost you more than the price of the piece in adjustments down the line. It all comes down to this simple truth: factory-made furniture put together cheaply on an assembly line is less durable than a fine quality piece built and upholstered by trained craftsmen.

    First, we never cut corners. We understand that there are many options when considering furniture so it is our mission to provide the best american made products providing both superior design and comfort while providing all of our clients with personal assistance and consultation for all jobs from start to finish. We use only the best materials and techniques with all the custom pieces we build. From conceptual designs to the finished product we have decades of experience with all manner of styles and designs giving us a cutting edge on todays competitive market.

    With re-upholstery, often we find that other upholsterers will simply cover old fabric with new neglecting inspection of old padding, springs or webbing that may need repair as well as any attention the frame may need such as reinforcment or re-gluing and finish touch-up. Although we understand that cost is often the issue when cutting corners we believe that the additional labor and care we put into our re-upholstery will be a far greater value over time. With every piece we re-upholster we put in the same care and quality we would put into a piece we would make from scratch.

    We understand that in the end what you want is a quality product that will suit your taste, match your decor, fit into a particular space, and support your unique lifestyle for a good long time.
  5. Do you offer pick-up and delivery service?
    All pieces are FOB our shop. If you need assistance with pick-up or delivery please let us know.

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